Over 60 sessions offered during the Experience Conference. More will be added continually as we get closer to the conference launch - Check back for updates!

  • A Character of Efficiency: Optimizing Your Time and Maximizing Your Effort

    Rob Sharp

    What dreams do you have for your ministry and why aren't they being realized? Sure it could be God's perfect timing. But could it be a lack of efficiency on your part. Do you struggle with balancing structure with your creative nature? Have you stalled out in your ministry? Let's explore what the Bible says about efficiency, evaluate your efficiency level, and walk away with a practical plan to honor God with a more efficient approach to ministry.

  • Burned Out and Stressed Out (Women Only)

    Kimberly Humphrey & Shari Prichard

    This is a SAFE place to come together and talk about burnout, stress, and other personal issues. This seminar will not be recorded and what is said in the room, stays in the room.

  • Burned Out and Stressed Out (Men Only)

    Ken Hartley

    This is a SAFE place to come together and talk about burnout, stress, and other personal issues. This seminar will not be recorded and what is said in the room, stays in the room.

  • Creating a Culture of Multiplying Leaders

    Mike Haight - Slingshot

    One of the most important things a leader can do is to identify, train, and empower others. We’ll discuss ways to create a culture that expands influence by investing in people and giving leadership away. We’ll also explore the tension between “excellence” and “development”… they are not mutually exclusive.

  • Den of Thieves - New Tools You Can Use (Steal)

    DeAundrae Clayton

    This session is designed to encourage, edify, and resource one another around various topics to better lead God’s people in Christ-honoring, Holy Spirit-empowered worship. The agenda will be organized around questions and the topics of Audio/Visual, Music, Books/Blogs/Written Items —the answers and resources will be contributed by the attendees.

  • Eyes on the Road: How to Avoid Leading While Distracted

    Tom Harrigan

    Driving while distracted is always dangerous. Lives are at stake! Leading a church or ministry while distracted is just as dangerous, yet it's so easy to lose focus. In this workshop we will discuss how we can keep our eyes on the road and remain “mission driven” in our ministries.

  • Harmony and Improvisation

    Shari Gould

    Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

  • How to Hear From God: A Proven System for Daily Devotions

    Scot Longyear - Experience Conference Pastor

    Most ministry leaders admit that they struggle with a consistent time with the Lord. What if you could constantly hear from God? What if you could sense his voice like never before? What if you could start each day with a intimate, deep time with Christ? The solution is easier than you think. With the right system, you can hear from God with great clarity. In this workshop, Pastor Scot Longyear shares the simple system of Life Journaling. Originally developed by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro (New Hope Fellowship, Oahu), Life Journaling is a system of daily scripture reading and writing. Scot will give an overview of the Life Journaling system and lead each person through life journaling from start to finish.

  • Making the Most of Planning Center Services

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class covers intermediate and advanced functionality to make sure you are getting the most of your Planning Center Services subscription.

  • Marriage + Ministry = (your answer here) Key Ingredients to Create a Healthy Marriage

    Carlos Garcia

    Which came first: the ministry, or, the marriage? Whether your marriage is struggling, or, in a season of calm, this seminar will give you key, practical steps that you can take to bring health and healing to your marriage. Don’t settle for a happy marriage! Love never gives up. - The Apostle Paul.

  • Microphone Applications for Live Sound

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    This is where it all begins in live sound reinforcement. Limit your potential problems and maximize better audio for your church by gaining valuable insight to how choose the right mic and put it in the right place. How to maximize the level of desired sound and reduce the effects of undesired sounds; reducing the chance of feedback; why fewer mics sound better than more mics; tips and techniques for vocalists, drums, guitar cabinets, choirs and acoustic instruments and more...also included at no additional charge the Ten Things You Need to Know about Wireless (or more things if we have time). No need to bring your slide rules or calculators. I’m Math-challenged.

  • Mixing Monitors for Stage and House

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    It’s safe to say that the platform volume level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix) in our churches and venues especially the small to mid sized venues. How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming from the stage so that the congregation and the musicians all hear what they need to at an appropriate level? Floor monitors, wedges, are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to “Ring Out the Monitors” to reduce the possibility of that occurring. What advantages do personal monitors and personal monitor mixers have over floor monitors? We’ll teach you tips and techniques to make everybody on the stage and in the sanctuary happy.

  • More than Music: Developing Your Musicians into Ministers

    Dwayne Moore - Next Level Worship

    Ever had singers and band members who want to play but don't want to practice? What about worship teams who seem more interested in holding microphones on-stage than they are in ministering to people off-stage? Dwayne Moore, author of Pure Praise and founder of Next Level Worship International, will help you transform your team into highly effective leaders and ministers of worship.

  • Navigating Through Complaints and Criticism

    Tom Harrigan

    Every ministry/church deals with critics and complainers. This workshop will provide helpful steps for leaders to successfully navigate complaints and criticism while maximizing their influence and effectiveness for the Kingdom.

  • Planning Center Services for Beginners

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class will walk beginners through the first steps of using your Services account and will set you up for future success as you learn more about this powerful application.

  • Steps to Better Sound

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    You don’t necessarily have to spend money you don’t have to improve your sound. Sometimes the small things can make a big difference. In this seminar we’ll walk through some very simple changes you can make that will have a positive impact on your mix.

  • The 3 Part Magic Bullet for Your Voice

    Shari Gould

    Discover how to employ three of the most powerful vocal tools you’ll ever use to get the most out of your voice. With these techniques you can get the power, tone and range you’ve always wanted.

  • Using Planning Center for Church Management

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Though Planning Center started as an app for planning worship services, it has expanded into a suite of apps to manage your entire church. This class gives an overview of Check-Ins, People, Giving, Groups, Registrations, and Resources, and what it takes to get started or to move to a full Planning Center solution for your church.

  • What Are Sundays For?

    Glenn Packiam

    Whether we realize it or not, our decisions about worship planning come from particular paradigm. In this workshop, we will name three dominant paradigms in contemporary Evangelicalism—mission, formation, and encounter. We will then discuss what happens when one is prioritized to the expense of the others, and when one is excluded altogether. Finally, we will explore ways of holding all three in a generative tension with one another by developing a more robust theology of the Holy Spirit.

  • What If The Only Thing Standing Between You and The Life You Desire Is In Your Head?

    Kerrie Oles

    Most of us struggle trying to make changes on the outside, but the only way to see real change in our external; is to pursue change for our internal. We don’t have to “try” harder to “do” better, we just need to know that real freedom is possible, when we start with the right thing! Lets not stay trapped by our past circumstances. Come hear the 6 steps to unlock the lies about ourselves, God and others; and how we can see everything about our lives start to change, and begin to step into the life we've so long desired!

  • What's Your Backup Plan? What Now? What Next? New Beginnings Following a Loss

    Michael Moore & Greg Williams

    We’ve all dealt with loss in our lives. Some losses are greater than others, and can force us to step back and reevaluate our role in ministry. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce, suffered the death of a spouse or a child, or been fired from a ministry role. But there’s great news….God’s not through with you! Come hear stories of those who have walked a path similar to yours and learn how God worked in their lives to bring them through those dark days and restore their passion for ministry.

  • Worship Gathering Values - What Difference Does It Make?

    DeAundrae Clayton

    Have you ever noticed how discussions about worship typically circle back to music styles and preferences? By asking the right questions, you can create the opportunity to reduce the churn many congregations experience. This session will layout a process you can use to answer the question - What matters most when we gather to worship?

  • Your Best Voice for a a Lifetime

    Shari Gould

    Your voice was designed to last you a lifetime-and it can! With proper vocal technique and healthy vocal habits you can achieve and maintain your best voice for a lifetime. Join Sheri as she makes reaching your vocal goals seem easy!

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