Tuesday, September 5: 9am – 5pm

Join Jeff Sandstrom (former FOH Engineer for Chris Tomlin),  Mike Overlin and guest experts in this comprehensive learning event. If you are brand new to mixing audio, or a seasoned pro that wants to brush up on the foundations of the art, this day is for you. Learn the “how” AND the “why” of worship audio.(Schedule subject to change during the day.)

Cost is free but a Conference registration is required.


9:00am – Audio 101 – We will cover everything you need to know about the basics of audio. How sound propagates, cables, signal flow, digital technology, basics of using a mixer and more. This stuff is important!

10:15am – Microphones – Microphones are a crucial element in our audio system. Learn about all the various types of mics, as well as when, how and why to use them. GIGO – Garbage In – Garbage Out. It all starts with the mic.

11:30am – Speaker Overview – There’s a science to speakers, too. Learn how to aim them, power them, and process them properly. What are the options and what solution is best for your church.

12:45pm – Lunch (on your own – there will be food on-site)

2:00pm – Stage Monitoring – Learn how to keep the musicians happy while keeping platform volume low. We will look at hi-tech and lo-tech solutions to taming the volume wars as well as a deep dive into personal monitoring.

3:15pm – Digital Mixing for Live Worship – This is where it all comes together. Using the tools we have to build a solid mix that focuses on getting rid of the “junk” and featuring the good.

5:00pm – Session ends