Hitting a Wall

Written By: Cathy Little


Let’s be real. Being in ministry is not easy. In fact, it can be extremely difficult and painful. Yes, there are beautiful seasons of joy and fulfillment, but eventually, as long as there are people involved and our Adversary is on the loose, it can be messy. If you’re in ministry long enough, you may find yourself hitting the proverbial Wall.

I’ve hit the Wall before. It was the most painful, most difficult experience of my life. Days were dark. I felt hopeless. I didn’t have the energy to hold up my own arms, let alone come alongside anyone else. I was in a “tuck-in-and-ride-it-out-survival-mode” that lasted over 2 years. But, the journey through that Wall taught me some important lessons. It brought things to the surface that God wanted to deal with, and I let Him.

The Wall, although painful, can also be very beautiful, for it is in the Wall where God reveals things that He wants to heal in your life. He identifies areas where He wants to bring more freedom. Whatever God reveals, He intends to heal. The Wall is often part of that process because God never wastes anything.

The Wall changed me. And although I wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, I wouldn’t trade what God did in my life through it for anything.

That was 8 years ago. But, here’s the thing. No matter how profound the healing in your life, there is always room for more. God wants to bring more freedom, deeper healing, and greater intimacy with Him. Just because we may have experienced tremendous growth in our lives in the past doesn’t mean that God stops taking us from glory to glory. He is always about the journey. He’s found in the process.

I just returned from 3 full months of ministry overseas in Scotland and Ireland. The schedule my team and I kept was, to understate it, intense. We were traveling to different locations across both countries running 3-day events every weekend for 8 weeks without a break. We encountered warfare we weren’t expecting or prepared for. We made mistakes and learned some things the hard way. We came home absolutely exhausted, depleted, and a bit bruised and beaten up.

Having hit the ground in the United States just a few short weeks ago, I found myself at the Wall again. Although very different from the Wall I hit before, every Wall brings with it an opportunity for more growth, intimacy with Him, lessons learned and tools to carry moving forward.

Yes, there are lessons and tools from the former Wall that I can draw on again, and there are new lessons and tools being learned and acquired. One thing I know from experience is that the Wall will not crush us. In fact, it will expand our capacity to love more deeply, minister more effectively, and walk in a greater measure of freedom… if we let it.

There are great treasures to be found in the journey through the Wall. I am looking forward to sharing them with you at this year’s Experience Conference.


May you be blessed immeasurably today,

Cathy Little