How We Worship

Written by: Jeff Calhoun || Director of Contemporary Worship and Adult Discipleship @ Hopkinsville First United Methodist Church

If you’re reading this, you probably have something to do with worship in the local church. You either lead it, plan it, produce it or support it in some way. You pray about it and think about it. You find creative ways to offer it. You have conversations with friends over coffee about new ways to do it. You read articles, go to conferences and take classes to learn how to do it better. You may have even gotten a nasty note in the offering plate telling you to stop doing it the way you’re doing it.

Me too.

And then the other day I’m reading this short little book by Richard Rohr about spirituality and the twelve steps called “Breathing Under Water” and he nonchalantly slips in this little parenthetical phrase that stopped me in my proverbial tracks…

“Jesus never once said ‘worship me’ but often said ‘follow me.'”

WTF…What The Filioque (you Trinitarian theology buffs will get that one. If not, just google it)

Doesn’t he know what I do for a living. Doesn’t he know how much time and energy I put into worshipping Jesus? How many chord charts I print out; how many hours I spend on planning center; all the rehearsals and meetings etc.etc?

But he’s right. Jesus wasn’t looking for worshippers, he was looking for followers.

Because he knew…

the only way we would ever become the worshippers the Father seeks (John 4:23) would be to first become the followers Jesus leads.

So, think about these things:

    • Don’t let your occupation smother your vocation:Occupation=leading worshipVocation=following Jesus
    • Teach your teams how to follow Jesus and do the things he did and true worship willhappen e.g. care for the sick together, feed the hungry together, help the poor together, welcome the stranger together, clothe the naked together, visit the prisoner together.

When creative leaders give themselves to these pursuits, powerful and authentic worship will be unleashed and you will see the Father’s will be done and His Kingdom come on earth as it is heaven.