WKSHP: "Writing With a Purpose: Songwriting for Yourself, Your Team, and Your Local Church"

Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice, will go over songwriting tips and insights for writing for these various purposes with a Q&A section.

WKSHP: "Swimming up - STREAM.
Let's Talk About Streaming!"

A discussion about your church’s online presence. Focused on releasing recorded music and live streaming services. We will discuss processes, platforms and explore necessary licenses.

WKSHP: Listening Panels

Select Workshop times have limited sign ups for Listening Panels with Aaron Rice, listening through participants' recorded tracks, giving suggestions, songwriting direction, as well as next steps.


WKSHP: “Can I Get LESS of Me In My Monitor?”

Remembering the ‘why’ we are worship leaders and how to ‘get out of the way’ more often - less of me, more of God. How to create an environment and culture among your worship team that fosters humility, a service-mind set, collaboration and unity.


WKSHP: "How to Hear From God: A Proven
System for Daily Devotions"

Most ministry leaders admit that they struggle with a consistent time with the Lord. What if you could constantly hear from God? What if you could sense his voice like never before? What if you could start each day with a intimate, deep time with Christ? The solution is easier than you think. With the right system, you can hear from God with great clarity. In this workshop, Pastor Scot Longyear shares the simple system of Life Journaling. 

Originally developed by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro (New Hope Fellowship, Oahu), Life Journaling is a system of daily scripture reading and writing. Scot will give an overview of the Life Journaling system and lead each person through life journaling from start to finish.