Session 2 - Workshops

Wednesday: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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  • Your Best Voice for a Lifetime

    Sheri Gould


    Your voice was designed to last you a lifetime-and it can! With proper vocal technique and healthy vocal habits you can achieve and maintain your best voice for a lifetime. Join Sheri as she makes reaching your vocal goals seem easy!

  • Worship Gathering Values - What Difference Does It Make?

    DeAundrae Clayton


    Have you ever noticed how discussions about worship typically circle back to music styles and preferences? By asking the right questions, you can create the opportunity to reduce the churn many congregations experience. This session will layout a process you can use to answer the question - What matters most when we gather to worship?

  • Creating a Culture of Multiplying Leaders

    Mike Haight / Slingshot Group


    One of the most important things a leader can do is to identify, train, and empower others. We’ll discuss ways to create a culture that expands influence by investing in people and giving leadership away. We’ll also explore the tension between “excellence” and “development”… they are not mutually exclusive.

  • Intro to Using Clicks and MultiTracks in Worship

    Kristian Ponsford / Multitracks


    In this class we’ll take a look at the gear, concepts and techniques related to using clicks and MultiTracks in a worship service. Starting at the basics we’ll outline what is necessary to get started, how to transition your team to playing to a click, and tips and tricks for getting started. You’ll walk away knowing what gear you need, how and why to use clicks and MultiTracks and how to transition your team.

  • Daughters of the King: Leading the Worship Ministry

    Susan Plemons / Cedarville University


    Ladies, let's join together to share and discuss the blessings and challenges that are part of our lives as women who lead the ministry of worship.

  • Audio 101 - Mixing the Modern Worship Space

    Armando Fullwood & Kent Margraves

    Midas/Music Tribe


    The modern worship sound tech has one of the most important jobs in church. To find that perfect balance of art and tech. Musicality, intelligibility and volume. We will cover gain structure, EQ, FX, routing, mic techniques, monitoring and more. Join world class audio engineers Kent Margraves and Armando Fullwood as we go through the ins and outs of getting the right mix for your worship team. 

  • More than Music: Developing Your Musicians into Ministers

    Dwayne Moore / Next Level Worship


    Ever had singers and band members who want to play but don't want to practice? What about worship teams who seem more interested in holding microphones on-stage than they are in ministering to people off-stage? Dwayne Moore, author of Pure Praise and founder of Next Level Worship International, will help you transform your team into highly effective leaders and ministers of worship.

  • Planning Center Services for Beginners

    Aaron Stewart/Planning Center


    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class will walk beginners through the first steps of using your Services account and will set you up for future success as you learn more about this powerful application.

  • Mixing Monitors for Stage and House

    Doug Gould / Worship MD


    It’s safe to say that the platform volume level has seriously degraded the front of house (Main Mix) in our churches and venues especially the small to mid sized venues. How do we mitigate the levels of sound coming from the stage so that the congregation and the musicians all hear what they need to at an appropriate level? Floor monitors, wedges, are also the leading cause of feedback and we will show you how to “Ring Out the Monitors” to reduce the possibility of that occurring. What advantages do personal monitors and personal monitor mixers have over floor monitors? We’ll teach you tips and techniques to make everybody on the stage and in the sanctuary happy.

  • Marriage + Ministry = (your answer here). Key Ingredients to Create a Healthy Marriage

    Carlos Garcia


    Which came first: the ministry, or, the marriage? Whether your marriage is struggling, or, in a season of calm, this seminar will give you key, practical steps that you can take to bring health and healing to your marriage. Don’t settle for a happy marriage! Love never gives up. - The Apostle Paul.

  • Multigenerational Worship

    Ray Jones


    Multigenerational worship is the wave of the future and Ray Jones has been at the forefront of that wave for more than a decade. He brings his years of experience combined with his expertise from an extremely successful worship ministry of thousands of volunteers to this workshop. The applications of these principles work in any size and any style church. If you want to grow your worship ministry exponentially, this is a great seminar for you.

  • That Thing You Do

    Craig Adams / Lifeway


    Not everyone can or should be Chris Tomlin. Discover the freedom found in growing where you're planted and helping others in your ministry community to do the same.

  • Listening Panel w/ Aaron Rice

    Aaron Rice


    Dove and Grammy award nominee Aaron Rice will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with five paper copies of the lyrics.

  • Experience Worship: Building Bands That Enrich and Welcome a Worship Environment (Entire Band)

    Experience Worship Team


    Bring your team of musicians to spend the week with Experience Worship. Your musicians will get the opportunity to learn best practices that lay the foundation for your church’s worship experiences. The team of musicians from Experience Worship have decades of experience to pour into musicians. They will come away from the week learning: 1. Role of your instrument in worship music. 2. How to prepare for your role as a worship musician 3. Essential techniques, gear, and approaches to your instrument. 4. Uniting the band to create an environment for worship. This is for the entire band and working together.