Session 4 - Workshops

Thursday: 11:15am - 12:15pm

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  • Harmony and Improvisation

    Sheri Gould


    Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

  • 1564 - Simplicity

    Christopher Gibson


    So you only know four chords. That’s okay! You’re in good company! Nearly all of our modern worship music (and popular music, for that matter) can be boiled down to just four chords. This workshop will explore how to arrange worship songs simply to facilitate greater freedom in worship and give beginner musicians confidence. Using popular worship songs, we’ll learn to listen for specific markers to train your ear to map out songs using just those four chords (and maybe one more…).

  • What if the only thing standing between you and the life you desire is in your head?

    Kerrie Oles


    Most of us struggle trying to make changes on the outside, but the only way to see real change in our external; is to pursue change for our internal. We don’t have to “try” harder to “do” better, we just need to know that real freedom is possible, when we start with the right thing! Lets not stay trapped by our past circumstances. Come hear the 6 steps to unlock the lies about ourselves, God and others; and how we can see everything about our lives start to change, and begin to step into the life we've so long desired!

  • Advanced Ableton Live

    Kristian Ponsford/Multitracks


    Join Ableton trainer, Kristian Ponsford as he shows you advanced techniques using Ableton Live. Learn how to use Ableton Live to evelate your Sunday productions. We will look at how to use Live to trigger lyrics and videos in ProPresenter, and learn advanced MIDI techniques that will allow you to control your lights, soundboard, keyboard, or anything that accepts MIDI.

  • Den of Thieves - New Tools You Can Use {Steal}

    DeAundrae Clayton


    This session is designed to encourage, edify, and resource one another around various topics to better lead God’s people in Christ-honoring, Holy Spirit-empowered worship. The agenda will be organized around questions and the topics of Audio/Visual, Music, Books/Blogs/Written Items —the answers and resources will be contributed by the attendees.

  • In Ear Monitor Applications (for techs AND worship teams...)

    Kent Margraves - Midas/Music Tribe


    A discussion of worship stage monitoring, human listening and perception, types of in-ear monitors, and how in-ear monitor mixing is much different than traditional wedge mixing. We’ll cover specific techniques for building proper IEM mixes and various ways to overcome occlusion and the isolation effect commonly associated with IEMs. These topics apply to wired and wireless IEMs whether mixed from front of house, a monitor console, or personal monitor mixers.

  • What Are Sundays For?

    Glenn Packiam


    Whether we realize it or not, our decisions about worship planning come from particular paradigm. In this workshop, we will name three dominant paradigms in contemporary Evangelicalism—mission, formation, and encounter. We will then discuss what happens when one is prioritized to the expense of the others, and when one is excluded altogether. Finally, we will explore ways of holding all three in a generative tension with one another by developing a more robust theology of the Holy Spirit.

  • Using Planning Center for Church Management

    Aaron Stewart/Planning Center


    Though Planning Center started as an app for planning worship services, it has expanded into a suite of apps to manage your entire church. This class gives an overview of Check-Ins, People, Giving, Groups, Registrations, and Resources, and what it takes to get started or to move to a full Planning Center solution for your church.

  • Steps to Better Sound

    Doug Gould/WorshipMD


    You don’t necessarily have to spend money you don’t have to improve your sound. Sometimes the small things can make a big difference. In this seminar we’ll walk through some very simple changes you can make that will have a positive impact on your mix.

  • Eyes on the Road: How to Avoid Leading While Distracted

    Tom Harrigan


    Driving while distracted is always dangerous. Lives are at stake! Leading a church or ministry while distracted is just as dangerous, yet it's so easy to lose focus. In this workshop we will discuss how we can keep our eyes on the road and remain “mission driven” in our ministries.

  • Making the Most Out of Your Choir Rehearsals

    J. Teddy Johnson


    Tired of the same old rehearsals? Teddy Johnson leads the choir at one of the fastest growing churches in America. He will share what makes his rehearsals strong in worship, discipleship, and just plain FUN. If you’re looking for some unconventional but practical ways to change the pace and look of your rehearsals, don’t miss this time with Teddy.

  • Resolving Team Conflicts

    Ken Hartley


    We all know what it is like to have talented and committed members of our choirs, bands, and praise teams who can’t seem to get along with each other and sometimes with us! Is the solution for you to find new members or is there a way to truly connect with them? Ken Hartley is an expert in the DISC model of human behavior as well as conflict resolution. He brings his experience in the church and corporate world to this workshop and will show you specific ways to quickly understand where a person is coming from and how to speak their particular language and connect with them to resolve conflict quickly and successfully. You will leave this session with a better understanding of your team… and yourself.

  • Listening Panel /w Aaron Rice

    Aaron Rice


    Dove and Grammy award nominee Aaron Rice will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with five paper copies of the lyrics.