Session 5 - Workshops

Thursday: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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  • Burned Out and Stressed Out (Men Only)

    Ken Hartley


    This is a SAFE place to come together and talk about burnout, stress, and other personal issues. This seminar will not be recorded and what is said in the room, stays in the room. For Men Only.

  • Music Theory Made Simple/Nashville Number System

    Christopher Gibson


    You don’t have to go to college to learn music theory! But the truth is, understanding the basics of music theory can be helpful for songwriting, arranging, and worship planning. This workshop will explore the simple theory that is the foundation of some of our most popular worship songs, and maybe help you discover freedom from being tethered to the chord sheet. We’ll also discuss why I believe we should all be using the Nashville Number System in worship!

  • What Do I Do Now?

    Jermaine Rodriguez / Visualize LED


    In This workshop topic we will watch videos and discuss creative ways of implementing Ableton and tracks, Video and lighting for your worship experience or seasonal productions. All though technology in an of its self is not creativity. The seamless pursuit of joining the two together, created a synergy that is unparalleled.

  • Burned Out and Stressed Out (Women Only)

    Shari Prichard & Kimberly Humphrey


    This is a SAFE place to come together and talk about burnout, stress, and other personal issues. This seminar will not be recorded and what is said in the room, stays in the room. For Women Only.

  • Training the Next Generation of Worship Leaders

    Dr. Roger O'Neel / Cedarville University


    This workshop is designed to help equip you to share the talents and calling that you have with the next generation. We will be looking at the characteristics of the younger generations, challenges along the way, and the great rewards of multiplying your ministry.

  • M32/X32 Master Class

    Chase McKnight - Midas/Music Tribe


    The Midas M32 and Behringer X32 are two of the most popular audio mixers used in church today. if you have one, or are considering getting one, join us as Chase goes deep into the operations of these extremely capable consoles. We will cover basic set up, patching, gain structure, EQ and FX processing. In addition, we will explain multi track recording and playback directly from the console for “virtual soundchecks” as well as how to get the perfect monitor mix for your platform team.

  • Where Do We Go from Here? (From I Peter 5)

    Dr. Vernon Whaley/Liberty University


    Taken from the teaching of I Peter 5, this workshop focuses on the principles of Preparation for long term ministry. Using Peter’s admonishment to allow the Holy Spirit to perfect, establish, strengthen and settle worshipers for service, a five-fold program for worship is articulated: Worship is Formational, Worship is Transformational, Worship is Relational, Worship is Missional, and Worship is Reproducible.

  • A Character of Efficiency: Optimizing Your Time and Maximizing Your Effort

    Rob Sharp


    What dreams do you have for your ministry and why aren't they being realized? Sure it could be God's perfect timing. But could it be a lack of efficiency on your part. Do you struggle with balancing structure with your creative nature? Have you stalled out in your ministry? Let's explore what the Bible says about efficiency, evaluate your efficiency level, and walk away with a practical plan to honor God with a more efficient approach to ministry.

  • What's Your Backup Plan? What Now? What Next? New Beginnings Following a Loss

    Michael Moore & Greg Williams


    We’ve all dealt with loss in our lives. Some losses are greater than others, and can force us to step back and reevaluate our role in ministry. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce, suffered the death of a spouse or a child, or been fired from a ministry role. But there’s great news….God’s not through with you! Come hear stories of those who have walked a path similar to yours and learn how God worked in their lives to bring them through those dark days and restore their passion for ministry.

  • Navigating Through Complaints and Criticism

    Tom Harrigan


    Every ministry/church deals with critics and complainers. This workshop will provide helpful steps for leaders to successfully navigate complaints and criticism while maximizing their influence and effectiveness for the Kingdom.

  • It’s All About Relationships!

    Randy Monroe


    Technology has made great steps in providing communication opportunities. And yet, we find more and more of our people that are disconnected. In this workshop, Randy Monroe brings his heart for ministry, his years of experience as a people pastor, and his ability to connect with people to help you build people bigger than your programs. Spend some time discovering how you can invite and invest in your people. Those investments benefit the Kingdom, our church, our ministries… and maybe even ourselves.

  • Healthy Worship Ministry: What does it really look like?

    Dr. Aaron Crider / Kings University


    Have you ever struggled with the heart versus skill question with regard to who you place on your worship team? Have you ever realized that in one or both of those areas there is a problem with your team, and you don't know how to fix it? In this breakout we will look at the areas of heart and skill and learn how we can bring health to our worship ministry.

  • Listening Panel /w Aaron Rice

    Aaron Rice


    Dove and Grammy award nominee Aaron Rice will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with five paper copies of the lyrics.