Join our team for the trip of a lifetime as we partner with churches across South Africa to host Experience Conference in Johannesburg!

As musicians and technical artists, we have some of the greatest tools to connect with people across all cultural, political, economic, and racial backgrounds and spread the gospel. Join us for a life-changing trip next fall 2018 as we partner with churches across South Africa and use the gifts God has given us to connect, equip, and empower worshippers across the world!

“What a powerful thing to see when worshipers from two different continents come together for the sole purpose of giving God glory. I have been impacted. It has changed my worship. It has changed my life.”

- Justin

“This trip is so unique because it combines people of different denominations, cultures, and languages all with the same passion for worshipping God. I witnessed breakthrough and healing in the lives of the South Africans and the people on our team.”

- Ellie

“God has taught me so much about obedience and prayer...and then He showed up! If you ever get a chance to come on this trip...you need to do it!”

- Mary Beth