Session 5 - Workshops

Thursday: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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  • The Worship Pastor's Perfect Week

    Kristian Ponsford from


    From Setlist to Sunday, we’ll discuss everything from setlist planning to practical coaching tips. Topics will also include using Planning Center, leading rehearsals, choosing band line ups, selecting songs, crafting transitions, recharging your mindset, and questions to ask yourself while leading. The goal of this class is to give you a picture of what the ideal week of a worship pastor looks like.

  • The 7 Biggest Tech Trends for Worship in 2020

    Jim Thorne from Messenger AVL


    We will discuss what’s new, what’s hot and how to implement these upcoming technologies in your venue. Look for changes in Video Recording, LED, Streaming, Audio and other technologies.

  • TBD



  • How To Create Community With the Game of Cornhole

    Ryan Dahl from PraiseCharts


    Ryan Dahl, has become known for two things: music and cornhole. He started PraiseCharts in 1998 with a passion to create music resources that would ultimately be used to brings musicians together as a band, and as a vibrant community. That love for people in community exploded into a new passion several years ago, when Ryan discovered the game of cornhole. In parts of America, cornhole is a state-wide sport, even featured on ESPN. Ryan holds local community tournaments in his home town of Langley, BC (Canada) on a regular basis, and has refined a unique system to create the ultimate community experience in around three hours. There is even an option to download an app (made for cornhole) that dynamically runs the tournament logistics. Ryan will share exactly how he does it so that you can bring this home as a what to build community. 

  • Listening Panel w/ Mike Murray



    Mike Murray, Senior Creative Director for Integrity Music, will be leading this year's listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, artists, and others, the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with two paper copies of the lyrics.

  • Don't Just Lead Songs, Learn How to Pastor and Move a Room

    Tim Foot from Slingshot Group


    We’ll talk about: what pastoring an experience means; how the church is hungry for transcendent gatherings; unique worship style; and verbal transitions.

  • God's Recipe for Worship

    Dr. Vernon Whaley from Liberty University


    Psalm 96 is perhaps the premier worship passage in all of the Old Testament. Five ingredients for worship are found in the thirteen verses. When combined, these ingredients articulate God's recipe for Biblical Worship.

  • Ableton Live and The Connected Stage

    Will Doggett from Studio to Stage


    Imagine this...You step on stage, press play, and all your lights, lyrics, and videos are perfectly in sync. Your tempos are in sync, and your presets change based on what song and where you are in the song. Best of all, it doesn't take you hours to make this happen! In this class, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett will show you how to bring excellence to your production, without sacrificing freedom, or spending hours doing it. You'll learn how to use Ableton Live to simplify your on stage performance, no matter your budget. You'll learn how to use Ableton Live to connection and control, almost anything!

  • The Plot of Worship

    Dr. Dan Boone from Trevecca University


    Can preaching/teaching pastors and worship leaders get on the same page in creating the weekly worship gathering of the church? Yes. Let's talk about how. It may be easier than you think. The seminar will also offer a take home for your senior pastor.

  • Taking Songs From Your Church to the World: Copyright and Publishing Basics

    Craig Dunnagan from Gateway Worship


    Do you have songwriters in your worship team? Do you dream of God raising up new songs and sounds from your ministry? This workshop will explore the basic concepts of music publishing, copyright issues and the unique situations churches face when they desire to record and publish songs, music and media being created by their team and volunteers. Ample time will be allowed for questions and discussion around specific church scenarios, copyright and the music industry in general.

  • How To Create a WOW Experience: 12+ Things You Should Be Doing to Have Amazing Guest Experiences

    Stephen Brewster


    Every time we open our doors we have a chance to be amazing or be boring. What if you had a checklist for awesome and knew that every experience would be amazing. You will after this conversation. Reimagine your church experience like it was the first time you ever attended and leave with practical next steps to improve this weekends gathering.

  • Small Musical Sadnesses for a Higher Musical Joy

    Grant Norsworthy

    FIESTA 1/2

    Worshipping musicians! If it truly is our goal and desire to lead our congregations - to help our church find their own “voice” as they sing songs of worship - we will need to make some selfless, congregation-serving, musical choices. Initially, we won’t like it! We must learn to accept several, small musical sadnesses if we are to experience the higher joy of music. This class will demonstrate and teach the path through the small sadnesses towards the higher joy.

  • Implementing and Enhancing Your Online Giving Experience

    Michael Smith from Custom Donations

    FIESTA 3/4

    How well is your ministry executing online giving? Do you even have a way for people to give online? This workshop will cover ways that online giving can be implemented, best practices, common problems, recurring giving programs, and more. Whether you are new to online giving or have a well-established program, you’ll walk away with actionable items on how to implement a solution or enhance your existing solution. No technical expertise required!

  • How To Use Montage

    Ellis Jones from Yamaha

    FIESTA 7/8

  • TBD

    Grant Embury from Sweetwater


  • Effectively Administrating Your Team and Getting People Involved

    Courtney Morgan, Austin Benjamin & Josiah Funderburk from Gateway Worship

    MONTEREY 2/3

    Healthy teams grow and growing a team takes intentionality. In this workshop, we will unpack tips on how you can get more people involved in your worship team as well as systems for worship ministry administration, musical training, spiritual discipleship, and relational connection.

  • Ignite Leadership Bootcamp: Activating Your Identity, Capacity and Destiny

    Foye Belyea


    Are you feeling burned out, underdeveloped or all alone? Have you been working for the Lord and are longing for fresh vision and renewed passion? Are you brand new to a leadership role and desire a proven roadmap and toolbox? This encouraging and interactive workshop is designed for anyone who is looking grow in their personal leadership potential, build an effective ministry team, or is simply longing to become more skilled in intentional disciplemaking.

  • TBD



  • The Electric Guitar in Worship: For Worship Leaders and Band Members

    Jeff Calhoun


    Learn how to tame the electric beast and truly enjoy the sound of a properly overdriven guitar. If you are leading worship with your electric guitar this class will help you know the right voicings and techniques to use in your worship setting. If you the electric player in your worship band you will learn how to utilize the range of your instrument, how to find the right voicings and techniques to compliment the rest of the band and how to dial up good tones for worship. Learn how to get out of “cover band” mode and create arrangements that fit your band.