Workshops 2019

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  • 5 Note Major Scale: Everything you need to play lead

    Caitlin Caggiano

    Understand how to play lead lines with 5 notes. Learn how to utilize multiple strings to thicken your sound while playing lead. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue their learning on this topic.

  • Ableton Live and The Connected Stage

    Will Doggett

    Imagine this...You step on stage, press play, and all your lights, lyrics, and videos are perfectly in sync. Your tempos are in sync, and your presets change based on what song and where you are in the song. Best of all, it doesn't take you hours to make this happen! In this class, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett will show you how to bring excellence to your production, without sacrificing freedom, or spending hours doing it. You'll learn how to use Ableton Live to simplify your on stage performance, no matter your budget. You'll learn how to use Ableton Live to connection and control, almost anything!

  • Are You Creating The Best Service For Your Attendees? The Programming Boot Camp

    Stephen Brewster

    From charismatic to traditional and every church in-between there must be intentionality in our programming process. Join us as we define who we are creating for, what it takes to maximize those moments, and how to get those annoying announcements off your stage. A programming bootcamp is just what you need to maximize on the opportunity to never have just another Sunday.

  • Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

    Lindsey Benedict

    As female worship leaders, we all share the same struggle. We try to find our beauty in how we look and how well we perform. When our appearance and performance fall short of the world's standards, or even our own standards, we are faced with an internal crisis. God is calling us to pursue a different kind of beauty, an inner beauty that never fades (1 Peter 3:4). During this workshop, we will outline this beautiful pursuit while we rediscover our identity in Christ and gain supernatural confidence as worship leaders and a women of God!

  • Can’t We All Just Get Along? How to Build True Community and Connections within your Team

    Cathy Little and Melinda Wilson

    Let’s be honest. Relationships are hard. People are weird and we all have our stuff, and that can make relational dynamics challenging. This workshop will be interactive, fun, and practical, and it comes with a guarantee that you will leave with proven, effective, and simple tools that will help strengthen relationships within your worship community and beyond. Led by Cathy Little and Melinda Wilson of Face to Face Ministries.

  • Capo Theory: Using the Capo as a Creative Tool, Not a Crutch

    Caitlin Caggiano

    Add texture to your playing by using certain shapes no matter what key you are in. Find the sweet spot on the fretboard for each song. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue learning on this topic.

  • Church Tech: Apps. Website. Giving. Podcast. TV.

    Brian Beaumont - SubSplash

    In this workshop learn our digital platforms can best work for YOUR ministry. We will cover points like: Automate your sermon delivery to your web site, podcast, mobile app, Apple TV and Roku to save you time, and reach as many people as possible. Build your own mobile app and web site while integrating your church management software. Make digital giving easy, and incredibly low cost for your ministry.

  • Collaborative Planning

    Matt Goss

    Collaborative team planning is not for the faint of heart. Getting creative minds to agree on a direction, system, and plan is tough work, but it can be done. This session will explore how collaboration and teamwork can take your gatherings to new places creatively, and create a sense of “buy in & ownership” on our teams. We will discuss “ground rules for collaborative planning”, “value systems that drive creativity”, and “how to help the best idea win”.

  • Digital Mixers

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    Digital audio mixing consoles have been around since 1999. What has changed from then until now? Discover the amazing things technology is offering our church audio operators currently, and in the future.

  • Discover Your Worship Personality!

    Dr. Vernon Whaley - Liberty University

    Each of us has a kind of "worship personality" that relates to our personal, private, and public worship. This "personality" is an inner quality that somewhat defines personal expression of love and adoration to God. Listen as Dr. Vernon Whaley, Dean of the Liberty University School of Music shows how worship leaders and worship pastors can design and shape Biblical worship ministry to meet the needs of each person's worship personality.

  • Don’t Be Scared of the Big Bad Technology

    Rob Sharp

    The modern day worship leader has many challenges one of the biggest for many can be technology. Music Production and the integration of pre-production elements makes it a necessity to have not just a basic understanding, but a practical working knowledge of how it all works. The goal of ministry is not production value. So how do we balance the musical, technical, and spiritual portions of our job? How do we overcome fear of technology? How do we maintain our focus, calling and grow in this area all at the same time? There are very real struggles here: time, emotions, mental capacity, musical, relationships and the need to discover your Why? If you know your Why, the What and How will follow.

  • Don’t Just Lead Songs, Learn How to Pastor and Move a Room

    Tim Foot - Slingshot Group

    We’ll talk about: what pastoring an experience means; how the church is hungry for transcendent gatherings; unique worship style; and verbal transitions.

  • Don't Settle for a Happy Marriage

    Carlos Garcia

    Marriage and ministry are often set in opposition to each other. Resentment, anger and disconnection can result. In this workshop discover how you can reconnect, renew, or, bring resurrection (if that's what is needed) to your marriage. No techniques here. Learn how to bring the Gospel we sing about, write songs about, and lead others in worship about into your marriage. Learn truths that will transform you and your marriage.

  • Effectively Administrating Your Team and Getting People Involved

    Courtney Morgan, Austin Benjamin, & Josiah Funderburk - Gateway Worship

    Healthy teams grow and growing a team takes intentionality. In this workshop, we will unpack tips on how you can get more people involved in your worship team as well as systems for worship ministry administration, musical training, spiritual discipleship, and relational connection.

  • Fresh Eyes/Secret Shopper

    Isaac Varela - Messenger AVL

    We get caught up in the day to day or weekend routine that we stop looking at the obvious. When is the last time you took a step back to see what your team, facilities and routines really are like. Come and hear about how you can make your member and guest experience better.

  • Gateway Worship Band Q&A: How to Prepare Musically, Technically and Spiritually for Worship

    Julian Collazos, Michael Phelps, Josiah Funderburk, & Ryan Rich - Gateway Worship

    Every effective worship team needs committed musicians who know not only how to execute technically and musically, but also how to help steward the presence of God in worship. In this workshop, some of Gateway’s best worship musicians will answer your questions about the musical, technical and spiritual aspects of worship leadership from a band perspective.

  • God's Recipe for Worship

    Dr. Vernon Whaley - Liberty University

    Psalm 96 is perhaps the premier worship passage in all of the Old Testament. Five ingredients for worship are found in the thirteen verses. When combined, these ingredients articulate God's recipe for Biblical Worship.

  • Harmony and Improvisation

    Sheri Gould

    Learning how to sing harmony is within your reach. Learn how to teach others harmony as well. We’ll teach basic harmony structures and how to grow your own ability to find the ‘perfect’ harmony for you and for your group. In addition we’ll discuss how to create and use improvisation techniques effectively.

  • How To Build Confidence In Your Team So They Take Their Eyeballs Off The Music

    Ryan Dahl - Praise Charts

    Having great charts is important, and nobody knows that better than Ryan Dahl, founder of PraiseCharts. But at some point, you want your musicians to know their music so that on Sunday they can lift their heads and actually look like they are having a good time, worshipping in the presence of the Lord. For worship leaders, sheet music can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Find out how to make the most of your rehearsal time, learn how to read charts, and then learn how to build confidence in your team so that they can internalize the rhythms and patterns of the songs they are playing, and ultimately get free from the pages.

  • How To Create A Wow Experience: 12+ Things You Should Be Doing To Have Amazing Guest Experiences

    Stephen Brewster

    Every time we open our doors we have a chance to be amazing or be boring. What if you had a checklist for awesome and knew that every experience would be amazing. You will after this conversation. Reimagine your church experience like it was the first time you ever attended and leave with practical next steps to improve this weekends gathering.

  • How To Create Community with the Game of Cornhole

    Ryan Dahl - Praise Charts

    Ryan Dahl, has become known for two things: music and cornhole. He started PraiseCharts in 1998 with a passion to create music resources that would ultimately be used to brings musicians together as a band, and as a vibrant community. That love for people in community exploded into a new passion several years ago, when Ryan discovered the game of cornhole. In parts of America, cornhole is a state-wide sport, even featured on ESPN. Ryan holds local community tournaments in his home town of Langley, BC (Canada) on a regular basis, and has refined a unique system to create the ultimate community experience in around three hours. There is even an option to download an app (made for cornhole) that dynamically runs the tournament logistics. Ryan will share exactly how he does it so that you can bring this home as a what to build community. 

  • How To Hear From God: A Proven System for Daily Devotions

    Scot Longyear

    Most ministry leaders admit that they struggle with a consistent time with the Lord. What if you could constantly hear from God? What if you could sense his voice like never before? What if you could start each day with a intimate, deep time with Christ? The solution is easier than you think. With the right system, you can hear from God with great clarity. In this workshop, Pastor Scot Longyear shares the simple system of Life Journaling. Originally developed by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro (New Hope Fellowship, Oahu), Life Journaling is a system of daily scripture reading and writing. Scot will give an overview of the Life Journaling system and lead each person through life journaling from start to finish.

  • How To Lead Like Never Before: The 4 Postures of Leadership

    Stephen Brewster

    John Maxwell says everything rises and falls on leadership. We agree. Learn the 4 postures to leading yourself, becoming an good teammate, transitioning into a great boss, then skyrocketing into a rockstar in your organization. Practical measurable around your personal leadership can help you become an invaluable member of any team, build a culture people want to serve on, and become the model of value for your organization.

  • Ignite Leadership Bootcamp: Activating your Identity, Capacity and Destiny

    Foye Belyea

    Are you feeling burned out, underdeveloped or all alone? Have you been working for the Lord and are longing for fresh vision and renewed passion? Are you brand new to a leadership role and desire a proven roadmap and toolbox? This encouraging and interactive workshop is designed for anyone who is looking grow in their personal leadership potential, build an effective ministry team, or is simply longing to become more skilled in intentional disciplemaking.

  • Intro to Ableton Live and Using Tracks in Worship

    Will Doggett

    Why should you use clicks and tracks in a worship service and why choose Ableton Live? In this class, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett, will explain why you should use tracks, what you need to use tracks, and how to get started. You'll walk away with a practical gear-list, and have enough knowledge to start running clicks and tracks in Ableton Live right away. If you're looking for a way to easily create an excellent sound, and equip your volunteers, this class is for you.

  • Laughter as an Act of Worship

    John Branyan - Laugh All Night

    Laughter opens hearts and brings people closer together. Humor makes a leader’s point a zillion times more memorable. John has been writing humor professionally for 25 years. This workshop will teach you the process he uses to create memorable illustrations and capture the attention of any audience. Have more fun in God's presence! For almost three decades, John has been filling rooms with the sound of laughter, to the glory of God. He has the privilege of working with dozens of talented Christian speakers/leaders, including Ken Davis, Tim Hawkins, Chonda Pierce, and Michael W. Smith. John lives in Indiana with his wife, Lori, and their four adult children and seven grandchildren (and counting).

  • Leadership: Build To Last

    Randy Monroe

    A collaborative session about ministry and longevity in the ministry as we consider some key leadership proverbs.

  • Leading Effective Worship Team Rehearsals

    Kristian Ponsford -

    Team members running late? Musicians with varying skill level? Running of out of time in rehearsals? This class focuses on the practical ways to overcome many of the challenges that we face regarding rehearsals. This class is tailored to teams of all sizes and packed with practical tips tips to help you plan ahead and maximize your rehearsals and lead your teams well.

  • Leading When You’re Not In Charge

    Matt Goss

    Leading is hard work, and can feel daunting at times. Especially when you feel like you’re gifts aren't being fully utilized, your ideas aren't being heard, and you don’t feel valued by those who’ve been placed in leadership positions over you. So what does it look like to lead well in these situations? I believe that it’s possible to push past these leadership barriers and experience fulfilling , impactful ministry, even when you don’t have the final say.

  • Listening Panels

    Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, artists, and others, the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with two paper copies of the lyrics. Limited spaces available each session. Sign- ups will be available during registration on Tuesday.  (You can only sign-up for one space during the week).

  • Live Recording of the Worship Leader Probs Podcast

    Worship Leader Probs

    Join Mr. Probs, Jeremy Van Valkenburg, and Scot Longyear for a LIVE recording of the popular Worship Leader Probs Podcast. The boys will share “prayer concerns” (a crowd favorite of the podcast), reveal some upcoming resources, and spend most of the time taking your ministry questions. It is rare to get a Lead Pastor, Worship Pastor and Production Pastor together in a live Q & A setting. Come with your questions - any questions - about navigating ministry and life. We guarantee that you will laugh and learn with this team!

  • “Locking In” As The Rhythm Section

    Dave Nowak & James McKey

    This Bass and Drum workshop will go through the essentials of providing the rhythmic and harmonic foundations of the band. Leading the conversation will be Dave Nowak (bass) and James McKey (drums). Dave and James have decades of experience playing and touring together with artists such as Kari Jobe, 4Him, Twila Paris, Al Denson, and many more. They have also been an integral part of the worship team at First Baptist Orlando for over 20 years. Come away understanding how to “lock in” with each other and take your congregation’s worship experience to the next level.

  • Loudspeakers for Novices

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    What are the acoustics of the room like? What is the musical culture of the church? Are powered loudspeakers (Active) a better choice than Passive? Where is the best place to locate the speakers; the worst places? Why do we delay the speakers in the back of the room? What is preferred, Mono, stereo, LCR? What does it mean to tune speakers to the room? Sub-woofers: Why do I want one (or more); How do I connect them to the system?

  • Making the Most of Planning Center Services

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class covers intermediate and advanced functionality to make sure you are getting the most of your Planning Center Services and Music Stand subscriptions.

  • Microphone Applications

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    Like anything with live sound or recording, getting the best result can only happen when the instrument sounds good. After that, we can only hope that the musician or vocalist has some skill and can play or sing musically and with dynamics. Now we can start applying microphones…this is where we can start illustrating the different methods, techniques and approaches to yield the best sound for your performance. Results: Techs and worship team will know what types of microphones will work best in specific applications and the things that can positively and negatively affect their sound.

  • Multisite Roundtable Discussion

    Matt Goss

    Whether you’ve been leading in a multisite environment for years, or you’re dipping your toe in the water to see if this ministry approach could work for your church, this roundtable discussion is for you. LCBC Church has been doing multisite ministry for 10 years, and currently has 14 locations of various sizes. Matt Goss (Worship Pastor) has overseen Worship Leaders, Tech/ Production, and Worship Planning/ Programming at LCBC for over 20 years, and will lead a panel discussion with other leaders to explore what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.

  • MultiTracks in Worship

    Kristian Ponsford -

    In this class we'll take a look at the gear, concepts, and techniques related to using Click. Guide, and MultiTracks in a worship service. Starting at the basics we'll outline what is necessary to get started, how to transition your team to playing to a click and tips to ensure success. Then we'll demonstrate how using this technology can open a world of advanced production options such as automating lyrics and lighting. You'll walk away knowing what gear you need, how and why to use MultiTracks and the creative possibilities ahead of you.

  • Music and Resources for Your Worship Choirs

    John Bolin

    Come and hear new resources for your worship choirs, including multigenerational worship resources. Lifeway, First Worship, and California Baptist University have partnered to show you the newest music that will help you build growth, energy, and passion into your worship teams. (Sheet Music will be provided)

  • Pads, Patches & Profiles

    Kristian Ponsford -

    In this class we will explore the world of Ambient Pads, Mainstage, Song Specific Patches, and Kemper Guitar Profiles. Together we will learn how the world's leading producers are crafting their tones and how you can access their tools to elevate your sound. You'll leave this class with the confidence that you can define your sound and create environments for people can encounter God.

  • Pastoring Your Worship Team

    Tim Sheppard - Gateway Worship

    What does it mean to develop and pastor a healthy worship team? Why is it important? In this session, we answer these crucial questions and offer practical ways to nurture and shepherd your team members in order to establish a vibrant and thriving worship community.

  • Planning Center Services for Beginners

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class will walk beginners through the first steps of using your Services account and will set you up for future success as you learn more about this powerful application.

  • Right Worship: Sounding Creation’s Praise

    Dr Jim Hart - Institute of Worship Studies

    In this class we will explore the importance of orthodoxy, or right worship, to the ordering of our own lives to Christ. We will use John 4:1-26 as a prime example of God’s call to right worship, and we’ll look at worship as precisely the most important activity of any Christian. Emphasis will be given to worship as play and leading the praise of creation, conducing to Christians being poured out for the reconciliation of the entire created order. We will then move into an exploration of worship as participation in heavenly things, calling us to greater transformation into Christlikeness through Word and Table. From 1 Corinthians 10:14-22 we will consider how partaking of the Lord’s supper sends us on mission to be broken and poured out for the life of the world. Led by Dr. Jim Hart, President of the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies.

  • Starting Over from Ground Zero: Building Teams in a New Ministry

    Michael Moore

    Sometimes God leads us to accept a call to service in a new exciting! But that excitement and joy can also include some fear and challenges, especially if there isn’t much in place in the areas of music, worship arts, or media ministry. In this session we’ll explore this issue and share some tips to help get that new ministry growing!

  • Stop Wasting Time: How To Execute The Best Creative Meeting of Your Life

    Stephen Brewster

    Are your creative meetings the same 3-4 people sitting in a room hoping that Google will inspire your innovation? If so, there is a better way. What if you could have the best ideas that make the most sense to your pastor and your community? Stephen will walk you through the 4 steps it takes to execute a creative meeting that is fun, exciting, AND useful. This is a process that has been executed at churches big and small with results. Join us and never “brainstorm” the same again.

  • Taking Songs From Your Church to the World: Copyright and Publishing Basics

    Craig Dunnagan - Gateway Worship

    Do you have songwriters in your worship team? Do you dream of God raising up new songs and sounds from your ministry? This workshop will explore the basic concepts of music publishing, copyright issues and the unique situations churches face when they desire to record and publish songs, music and media being created by their team and volunteers. Ample time will be allowed for questions and discussion around specific church scenarios, copyright and the music industry in general.

  • The 3 part Magic Bullet for Your Voice

    Sheri Gould

    Discover how to employ three of the most powerful vocal tools you’ll ever use to get the most out of your voice. With these techniques you can get the power, tone and range you’ve always wanted.

  • The 7 Biggest Tech Trends For Worship in 2020

    Jim Thorne - Messenger AVL

    We will discuss what’s new, what’s hot and how to implement these upcoming technologies in your venue. Look for changes in Video Recording, LED, Streaming, Audio and other technologies.

  • The Acoustic Guitar In Worship: For Worship Leaders and Band Members

    Jeff Calhoun

    Learn how to get the most out of your guitar as a worship leader and band member. If you are leading worship with just you and your guitar, this workshop will give you techniques on how to use the full dynamic and tonal range of your instrument. If you are a band member this class will give you techniques to better compliment the other instruments in the band. Learn new chord and new approaches to playing your instrument that will help you create texture and dynamic contour in your worship sets. Learn how to get out of “cover band” mode and create arrangements that fit your band.

  • The Art and the Heart of Writing Songs for Worship

    Mark Harris - Gateway Worship

    Songwriters in the church have the honor of communicating what God is saying in specific seasons in the life of their congregations. In this workshop, we will discuss practical tips for crafting creative melodies and inspiring lyrics.

  • The Art of Worship Through Technology

    AE Global Media

    Why use technology in worship? Art is defined as: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings -Merriam-Webster Dictionary. How can the church use this to reach their community? Technologies are an effective way to create art in worship. They help create a visual impact that words alone may not communicate. They engage the congregation and encourage participation. Technology uses new ways to talk about an old message. Learn key ways to create art in worship use technology.

  • The CAGED System Explained: Helping You Navigate the Fretboard With 5 Moveable Shapes

    Caitlin Caggiano

    Know 5 basic open chord shapes and how to move them. Learn how these shapes help you to play both rhythm and lead. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue learning on this topic.

  • The DNA of a New Generation: Strategies for Connecting with Gen Z

    Dr. Joseph Bolin - California Baptist University

    The cultural and technological influences of the 21st century have given rise to a generation unlike anything the world has seen before, and church and academic communities alike are scrambling to find effective ways to connect with and influence this new societal cohort. This session will not only unpack the unique profile that is Generation Z, but will also explore the challenges and strategies associated with resonating with this young audience.

  • The Electric Guitar in Worship: For Worship Leaders and Band Members

    Jeff Calhoun

    Learn how to tame the electric beast and truly enjoy the sound of a properly overdriven guitar. If you are leading worship with your electric guitar this class will help you know the right voicings and techniques to use in your worship setting. If you the electric player in your worship band you will learn how to utilize the range of your instrument, how to find the right voicings and techniques to compliment the rest of the band and how to dial up good tones for worship. Learn how to get out of “cover band” mode and create arrangements that fit your band.

  • The Great Commission To Worship

    Dr. Vernon Whaley - Liberty University

    There is never a doubt in the heart of Jesus that he stands ready to provide his power and presence to those that worship and obey Him. Join Dr. Vernon Whaley, Dean of the Liberty University School of Music, as he shares one of his most popular and practical lessons on the role of worship and evangelism from the powerful Great Commission passage in Matthew 28.

  • The Live Music Worship Method

    Lang Bliss

    On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, people, just regular people, get in their cars and drive to a building where they hope, in their heart of hearts, to meet God. They know that music helps to usher them into God's presence but when each Sunday goes by and nothing really happens in their hearts, they think it’s them; the congregation, that are somehow, not getting “it”. Great worship experiences don’t happen by mistake. They happen when certain ideas and concepts are utilized and presented in a way that freedom is brought to a room and people are ushered into the transcendent presence of God. These are big ideas but they are simple and easy to apply once you see them. This workshop will help you see and apply them.

  • The Worship Pastor's Perfect Week

    Kristian Ponsford -

    From Setlist to Sunday, we’ll discuss everything from setlist planning to practical coaching tips. Topics will also include using Planning Center, leading rehearsals, choosing band line ups, selecting songs, crafting transitions, recharging your mindset, and questions to ask yourself while leading. The goal of this class is to give you a picture of what the ideal week of a worship pastor looks like.

  • Using Planning Center for Church Management

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Though Planning Center started as an app for planning worship services, it has expanded into a suite of apps to manage your entire church. This class gives an overview of Check-Ins, People, Giving, Groups, Registrations, and Resources, and what it takes to get started or to move to a full Planning Center solution for your church.

  • Using Tracks in Worship

    Matt McCoy - Loop Community

    Learning to use tracks and click in worship can seem intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. Tracks are an excellent way to enhance the sound of your worship band, fill in for missing musicians and take your sound to a whole new level. In this workshop, you will learn the practical steps needed to implement Tracks into your worship service this weekend! We will build a worship set together from scratch and you will leave the room feeling confident that you can do this at YOUR church!

  • Using Tracks without Spending Hours

    Will Doggett

    Are you already using tracks, but spending hours formatting songs and building sets? You already know the benefit of tracks, but are you starting to wonder if it's worth all the effort? In this class, Ableton Live Certifed Trainer Will Doggett will walk you through a proven 3-part framework for Using Tracks in Ableton Live. It will allow you to build your weekly set in 5 minutes, and have all the freedom and flexibility you'll ever need. If you're looking for a way to get your Saturday back and still have freedom on Sundays with tracks, this class is for you!

  • Your Best Voice for a Lifetime

    Sheri Gould

    Your voice was designed to last you a lifetime-and it can! With proper vocal technique and healthy vocal habits you can achieve and maintain your best voice for a lifetime. Join Sheri as she makes reaching your vocal goals seem easy!