Cathy Little

Cathy Little is the Founder and Director of Simply-Worship, Inc., a ministry dedicated to creating places for life-changing, authentic encounters with the Presence of God – encounters that inspire a lifestyle response of true worship. Simply-Worship ministers in the US but also has an international presence serving the Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland. She is also the co-founder of Dash-Away Weekends; unique, intimate retreats for women which focus on creating a space where women can encounter the heart of the Father and experience freedom, healing and renewal in their lives. When she invests in those who lead the Church in corporate worship, Cathy pulls from 25+ years of worship leading experience. She loves to equip them not only with practical tools, but also help them come to a deeper understanding of and reverence for the call they carry.

An author and musician as well, Cathy has published, “Shame on You…No More: A Worship Leader’s Journey,” and has also recorded the EP, “Safely Through.” Both document layers of profound healing that have propelled her forward into her passion and destiny: to see the same thing happen in others.

Cathy lives in Asheville, North Carolina.