*posted 9/01/19

It would be an understatement to say that the last few days have been extremely difficult…


God has shown us daily that His promises are true! 

Due to the announced closure of the Orlando Airport, flights for our artists, speakers, sponsors, and a major number of our attendees were cancelled, forcing us to cancel our full Experience Conference event. Since we made the decision to push forward with a Mini-Experience Event (aka Worship Camp), we have been blown away by the response! We currently have over 400 attendees confirmed they are making their way down here (by car, plane… or boat, if necessary) to be part of this coming week (and that number is growing by the hour!). Our sponsors have overwhelmingly blessed us by not only providing essentials to pull of this scaled-down version, but adding additional elements to make it a better experience for our attendees. Many of these sponsors, who were unable to even attend, have been finding creative ways of getting things sent to our site and working with friends in the local area to help in any way they can! With the announcement this morning that the Orlando Airport has chosen to reopen, we are seeing more and more people deciding to join us for this EC-Mini Event… we don’t know what God is up to, but it is AMAZING!

We have always believed that the heart of the Experience Conference is not about the artists and speakers but about the community of people coming together, worshiping God in unity, and encouraging one another to continue the great ministry each of us have been called to! What we are seeing happen this year is showcasing this truth in an unbelievable way! Although we are absorbing a major financial burden with going this route, we believe this communicates the heartbeat of what Experience was always intended to be - a gathering of worship leaders by worship leaders!

We are still working on the details of sessions and available workshops but have an adjusted EC schedule now posted on our website (click here). Please continue to pray for us as we navigate the next few days, for our incredible attendees and the impending potential storm impact, and that God will continue to move and show us what He has in store!

This can only be God!

#EC19 #keepgoing


*posted 8/30/19


Moments after our last update was released, Orlando Airport officially announced it would be closing on Monday morning, 2am ET. This effectively cripples any ability to pull off this year's full conference event in the timeframe allotted. 

We will be officially cancelling the FULL CONFERENCE event until NEXT YEAR, September 8th - 11th, 2020.

IMPORTANT: For those who are still planning on traveling to Orlando in the next few days and have plans to arrive early to avoid travel bans, our staff and additional team members will be at the Coronado throughout the with an intimate mini-version of Experience with "Worship in the Round" sessions, teaching, panel discussions, interactive breakouts and more - and we will be happy to see any of you that are there to come join us!

For all others, please remember to call Disney Reservations at (407) 939-4686 as soon as possible to RELEASE YOUR ROOM to avoid charges to your account. Not only will that ensure your room refund, it will also allow Disney the ability to fill that room with the additional bookings that are coming in. 

***All 2019 Registrations AUTOMATICALLY transfer to next year's EC Event in 2020 regardless if you join us this next week in Orlando or not!***

We will be releasing further updates as we know more - thank you! Contact us at with additional questions.


*posted 8/30/19

As you know, our Experience Team has been intently watching the ongoing weather situation with Hurricane Dorian as we've been in close contact with the great team at Disney. Based on Disney's current plans to remain open and fully operational as well as their proven experience and safety standards, Experience Conference is moving forward AS SCHEDULED (this includes Integrity Music’s Pre-Conference Songwriting Intensive). We understand there are travel elements outside of your control, including possible road closures and potential flight delays, as well as the anxiety that a storm potentially approaching our Conference site may cause you. If you feel like you need to come in earlier, or later, we encourage you to check with your airlines and adjust your travel plans as you see fit. Airlines are offering changes to reservations with no fees. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort is also willing to be flexible if you would feel it’s best to adjust your stay, based on availability. If you, for whatever reason, need to cancel your hotel stay, please remember to call Disney Reservations at (407) 939-4686 as soon as possible to RELEASE YOUR ROOM to avoid charges to your account. Not only will that ensure your room refund, it will also allow Disney the ability to fill that room with the additional bookings that are coming in. For those wondering about return flights, all current storm models show the bulk of potential storm activity passing before the end of our conference, with airports and flights being open and operational.

Our Registration Desk will remain open throughout the Tuesday Night session until 10pm and available throughout the week with all of your conference check-in materials available in case your arrival is delayed for whatever reason. We will also be vigilant in communicating storm conditions, precautions, and conference changes leading up to and throughout our event. We are grateful to the wonderful team at Disney for helping us navigate the plan for this week and are looking forward to seeing you at Experience!

Contact us at info@experienceconference with additional questions.


*posted 8/30/19

We are currently talking with the great team at Disney, looking at all the details, and seeing what their plans are with Hurricane Dorian as we lock down plans  - we will have an update for everyone in about the next 2 hours >>> Thank you!


*posted 8/29/19

We will have our official update tomorrow but wanted to let you know a few things in the meantime:

• We are closely monitoring Hurricane Dorian, with the team at Disney and EC Staff living in Orlando, and are gauging the impact on travel plans that are prior to the conference start.
• Registrations have still been coming in and hotel bookings continue to go up - if you need to modify your hotel stay to come in earlier, please do so now! Disney's Reservation Department number is (407) 939-4686
• We have heard from Mike Murray at Integrity Music that the Songwriting Intensive schedule is still intact and we are also not making any changes to the EC schedule at this time.

Thank you for believing in this conference and for praying for all who will be part of this week together! We know that God has some great plans and we ask you, as Worship Leaders, to continue praying with us that nothing would hinder this time! Thank you!



*posted 8/28/19

Just a quick update on the storm this weekend:

We are monitoring Hurricane Dorian. In fact, two of our staff live in the Orlando area. The storm models forecast 6 days out – these are only predictions and as we have seen in the past, these predictions often change. Even if the storm stays on a current predicted track, we do not know the impact the storm will have on Orlando. Our airport will likely remain open but may have some delays. The Disney hotels will remain open and fully functioning.

The pre-conference event is 5 days away with our Conference starting on Tuesday evening, and we do not have any plans to reschedule any events or cancel the conference.