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Wednesday @ 11:15am


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5 Simple Ways to Improve Audio in Small to Medium-Size Churches


Location: Durango 1

Achieving good church sound is actually pretty hard! Compound that fact with limited resources and volunteers, and it all can quickly become overwhelming. However, these challenges don’t have to limit your outcomes. In this session, you’ll walk away with five simple solutions for improving your sound that you can put to work this Sunday. Spoiler alert – most of them are FREE!

And Sometimes I Sing…

Dr. Stephen Müller, Dean, Liberty University School of Music

Location: Fiesta 7/8

To become extraordinary worship leaders we must worship in the ordinary. To worship is to love. What do I love? What “treasure” do I value? My treasure is what I love/worship and shows me where my heart is. Join Dr. Stephen Müller, Dean of the Liberty University School of Music, for an encouraging session as we lay a foundation for a lifestyle of worship that touches every corner of life. As a worship leader, my every day, ordinary thoughts, words, and actions form destiny-shaping habits that can have an extraordinary impact in the Kingdom of God! Oh yeah, and sometimes, I sing…

Becoming a Better Communicator

Ken Hartley

Location: Coronado M/N

Have you ever had any issues with fellow staff members or your church members who thought you said something you felt you didn’t say? Every team member, staff member, and family member you come into contact will speak a different language... maybe not linguistically, but definitely temperamentally. If you can't speak these different languages you'll never effectively communicate. You will learn what the four basic languages are and how to effectively connect with each one. You'll understand yourself and others in a way you may never have before.

Can I Get LESS Of Me In My Monitor?

Chris McClarney

Location: Monterey 1

Remembering the ‘why’ we are worship leaders and how to ‘get out of the way’ more often - less of me, more of God. How to create an environment and culture among your worship team that fosters humility, a service-mind set, collaboration and unity.

Creative Pastor 101: At Least 4 Things Every Creative Pastor/Leader Needs to Know

Stephen Brewster

Location: Coronado D/E

You got the job but there is not a manual. There are a few things that every creative pastor/leader needs to know to get things going in the right direction.

God’s Laws of Communication

Donnie Haulk, AE Global Media

Location: Coronado R/S

God’s Laws of Communication is a study in the elemental physiology of worship focusing on the cause and effect of today’s AVL and acoustics in the master planning of a total worship environment. The underlying goal is to create an environment that will promote engaging and high impact worship experiences for today’s congregations by understanding the base line methodology of full sensory media design. Discovering the organic make up of how people see, hear, and experience worship today, teaching how to use “next generation technology” to deliver the message and word of God in a way that is both dynamic and life changing and understanding the basic building blocks of worship communication that will impact 21st century congregations.

How to Take your Church’s Online Worship Experience to 2.0

Carl Barnhill, Twelve:thirty media

Location: Fiesta 3/4

Okay, you are live-streaming, you had to…now what? In this workshop, Carl Barnhill will dive into 10 Practical Tips to take your Church Online Experience from beginner to next level. You’re going to learn how to enhance your digital Worship Experiences while continuing to provide a great experience for those in the room as well. You’ll takeaway tips for your Online Pastors and Hosts, how to use engaging media content, tips for your website and more. Get ready to learn how to up your Online Game.

Intro to Playing Piano/Keyboards in Today’s Worship

Carlos Martinez

Location: Yucatan 2/3

This introductory workshop will address the essential techniques and approaches to playing piano/keyboards in modern worship. There will be basic discussion on harmonic techniques, voicing chords, and maximizing your role as a pianist/keyboardist, no matter the size of your group.

LED Walls: Is It Worth It?

Thor AV

Location: Durango 2

Jumping to LED walls is a sizable investment. Is it worth the cost? What are the pluses and minuses? This session explores where LED walls shine and where they might not be the right choice.

Listening Panels

Aaron Rice

Location: Acapulco

Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with three paper copies of the lyrics.

Planning Center Services for Beginners

Aaron Stewart, Planning Center

Location: Baja

Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class will walk beginners through the first steps of using your Services account and will set you up for future success as you learn more about this powerful application.

REFRESH: How do I continue to grow and be current in ministry?

Ray Jones

Location: Monterey 2/3

Many folks in ministry suffer from spiritual and vocational burnout. Staying fresh in ministry is the key to long term success. Ray Jones has used this method to have long term ministry for over 5 decades.

The Connected Stage by MultiTracks.com

Kristian Ponsford, Multitracks.com

Location: Coronado P/Q

Automating worship production has previously been reserved for those with big budgets or hours of free time to invest in learning complicated software. But what would your services be like if lyrics, video elements, lights, chord charts, instrument patches, and stage displays never missed a cue? What if they not only followed your set, but perfectly cued even spontaneous moments? What would happen if your production was perfectly automated for each moment and kept worshippers’ attention where it should be? What if your band showed up completely prepared so they can lead worship with comfort and confidence? Join MultiTracks.com Director of Products, Kristian Ponsford, as he showcases new and intuitive technology that can help eliminate distractions in worship, increase your production quality, and ultimately give you more time to focus on what matters. All class attendees will leave with a complete set of resources including tracks, lyric slides, chord charts, pads, and more to fully experience The Connected Stage in their own services!

The Power of Multigenerational Worship

John Bolin

Location: Coronado F/G

In this session, we will see why embracing a multigenerational model for worship in your ministry is embracing a biblical model for worship. We will also look at some practical ways of how to converge new and old songs in a relevant and powerful way.

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