Session 2 - Workshops

Wednesday: 1:45pm - 2:45pm

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  • 3 Things Every Bassist Needs to Know

    Dave Nowak


    In this workshop, join the conversation about the sonic footprint of bass. There are three areas of conversation that will be discussed: 1) Tone 2) Harmony 3) Rhythm. The tone of your bass, the notes you play, and your timing, are the foundations that the rest of the team builds upon.

  • The Invaluable Worship Resource!

    Tim Henning - Lifeway


    With a robust search feature has almost 5,000 songs to choose from with many other tools built into the site to help streamline your search and worship planning. Whether you are already a user or you've never seen it before come see it in detail and learn all of the features (even some new ones) and see all that it can do for you.

  • Listening Panel

    Aaron Rice


    Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice, will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest  song and have the opportunity to have it listened to, reviewed, and critiqued to help you grow as a song writer.. Please bring your song on a jump drive as well as on another device (no cd's), with three paper copies of the lyrics. Sign-Ups will be available starting Tuesday after registration.  You can only sign up for one slot during the week.  Space is limited.

  • Multicultural Leadership

    Christopher McFadden


    When thinking about multi-cultural leadership often times the first thing that surfaces especially in our current social climate is the idea of race. Although, race does play a part within the constructs of multiculturalism that is just the surface of the idea. Becoming a more culturally aware leader will help you to become more effective in leading and serving those around you. Our goal as Christian leaders is to reach as many people as possible for the cause of Christ and our door into the conversation begins with understanding someone from a cultural standpoint. 

  • How To Hear From God: A Proven System for Daily Devotions

    Scot Longyear


    Most ministry leaders admit that they struggle with a consistent time with the Lord. What if you could constantly hear from God? What if you could sense his voice like never before? What if you could start each day with a intimate, deep time with Christ? The solution is easier than you think. With the right system, you can hear from God with great clarity. In this workshop, Pastor Scot Longyear shares the simple system of Life Journaling. Originally developed by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro (New Hope Fellowship, Oahu), Life Journaling is a system of daily scripture reading and writing. Scot will give an overview of the Life Journaling system and lead each person through life journaling from start to finish.

  • Dynamic Worship By Design

    Donnie Haulk - AE Global Media


    Donnie Haulk will help you to understand how to utilize architecture and design to create a dynamic worship experience for both live and remote audiences. This class will help you to begin the process of creating a relevant space for the presentation of various forms of musical performance and drama as well as provide you with the design flexibility to embrace emerging forms of worship. This will provide church design teams the creativity and innovative tools to deliver their ministry. We will be discussing design methods and technology systems that will create a facility that worships well. We will delve into stage and platform design including the most effective placement of vocalists and musicians for dynamic music ministries and respond to the need of pastors to be heard and understood from every seat in the house. Additionally, all class attendees will receive the free eBook of “Dynamic Worship By Design”.

  • Making the Most of Planning Center Services

    Aaron Stewart - Planning Center

    Osceola 1/2

    Planning your worship services and scheduling your teams can be overwhelming. Planning Center Services gives you a centralized place for both you and your teams to access personalized schedules, service information, and rehearsal files at any time. This class covers intermediate and advanced functionality to make sure you are getting the most of your Planning Center Services and Music Stand subscriptions.

  • Becoming a Better Communicator

    Ken Hartley

    Osceola 3/4

    Have you ever had any issues with fellow staff members or your church members who thought you said something you felt you didn’t say? Every team member, staff member, and family member you come into contact with speak a different language... maybe not linguistically, but definitely temperamentally. If you can't speak these different languages you'll never effectively communicate. You will learn what the four basic languages are and how to effectively connect with each one. You'll understand yourself and others in a way you may never have before.

  • Maximizing Technology to Enhance Your Message

    Luke Vettel, Barry Carpenter, Jonah Johnson - Thor AV

    Osceola Main Ballroom

    Join the discussion as we look into the rapidly changing world of technology and explore ways to maximize your investment no matter what your worship style or budget.

  • Capo Theory: Using the Capo as a Creative Tool, not a Crutch

    Caitlin Caggiano


    Add texture to your playing by using certain shapes no matter what key you are in. Find the sweet spot on the fretboard for each song. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue their learning on this topic.

  • Using Tracks without Spending Hours

    Will Doggett


    Are you already using tracks, but spending hours formatting songs and building sets? You already know the benefit of tracks, but are you starting to wonder if it's worth all the effort? In this class, Ableton Live Certifed Trainer Will Doggett will walk you through a proven 3-part framework for Using Tracks in Ableton Live. It will allow you to build your weekly set in 5 minutes, and have all the freedom and flexibility you'll ever need. If you're looking for a way to get your Saturday back and still have freedom on Sundays with tracks, this class is for you!

  • Gen Z: Working With 18-25 Year Olds

    SEU Worship

    Sun C

    Reaching Gen Z can be tough. Hear how the SEU Worship team reaches, develops and teaches 18-25 year olds and leads the next generation of leaders.

  • Giving is Worship! How You Can Help This Part of Your Mission

    Mike Smith - Custom Donations

    Sun 3/4

    A good friend of mine told me, "Worship leaders are called to lead people to the King. To bring an offering of praise to our Maker. Your desire is to serve the church and help more easily facilitate how worshipers give to the church." That is what I founded my company to do, and in the age of COVID, this has become more important. Whether your church is new to online giving or has a well-established program, you will walk away with actionable items on how to implement a solution, enhance your existing solution, or even have a giving kiosk. No technical expertise required.

  • Digital Mixers

    Doug Gould - Worship MD

    Sun 5/6

    Digital audio mixing consoles have been around since 1999. What has changed from then until now? Discover the amazing things technology is offering our church audio operators currently, and in the future.

  • Best Practices for Technical Ministry: Don’t Overlook the Small Things

    Wade Russell & Michael Casey- Interise


    The best practices for Audio, Video, Lighting, Volunteers, Long term planning, and communication. We will cover topics and encourage discussion of how to better your tech ministry with practical applications. If you feel like you are too busy to keep up with things to grow and look beyond next Sunday this info will be helpful for you to hear and be a part of.

  • The 3 Part Magic Bullet For Your Voice

    Sheri Gould


    Discover how to employ three of the most powerful vocal tools you’ll ever use to get the most out of your voice. With these techniques you can get the power, tone and range you’ve always wanted.