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Wednesday @ 3:00pm


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Advanced Ableton Live

Will Doggett

Location: Coronado R/S

Are you already using tracks, but spending hours formatting songs and building sets? You already know the benefit of tracks, but are you starting to wonder if it's worth all the effort? In this class, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett will walk you through a proven 3-part framework for Using Tracks in Ableton Live. It will allow you to build your weekly set in 5 minutes, and have all the freedom and flexibility you'll ever need. If you're looking for a way to get your Saturday back and still have freedom on Sundays with tracks, this class is for you!

Avoiding the Comparison Trap: Fulfilling Your Unique Calling in the Age of Social Media

Rob Sharp

Location: Coronado P/Q

We live in an amazing time, with powerful tools and now unprecedented access to how other churches do worship. While there is much we can learn there is a bigger question: How do we balance this abundance of knowledge and all of this connectedness without falling into a downward spiral of comparing ourselves to others? How do we process all of this information in a way that can build rather than destroy and at the same time lead in your own God given unique giftedness. Learn how to set boundaries and filter through the overload.

Behind The Scenes Tour

Presented by AE Global, Thor AV & Easy Worship

Location: Main Session Room (Coronado H/J)

In the Behind the Scenes tour you will get a deeper look at the technology used in the General Session for the Experience Conference. You will have the opportunity to experience full demonstrations across the audio, video and lighting systems and hear how all of these came together to create an integrated experience. You will also have the opportunity to hear from the Experience tech team to get a deeper understanding of the programming and operation of each system.

Breaking The Cycle That Is Stealing Your Creative Energy!

Stephen Brewster

Location: Coronado D/E

Lost your creative energy? It is probably because you drifted into managing ideas, not creating them. Join us as we help you break the cycle that is killing your creativity.

Capo Theory: Using the Capo as a Creative Tool, not a Crutch

Caitlin Caggiano

Location: Yucatan 2/3

Add texture to your playing by using certain shapes no matter what key you are in. Find the sweet spot on the fretboard for each song. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue their learning on this topic.

Casting New Vision for Worship Transition

Tim Bottoms

Location: Coronado F/G

How do you navigate this with your church, staff and ministry? You and your pastor have been dreaming, praying and talking about what that would look like, at your church. Casting this new vision is vital to the life of your ministry and the life of the church. In this workshop we’ll discuss everything from initial meetings to new technology, rehearsal techniques and the logistics of this multi-faceted approach to ministry.

Does the Land of Israel Matter for Worship?

Sebastian Parra, Go Israel

Location: Fiesta 1/2

If I can find the Lord's presence anywhere, why does Israel matter today? Come discover how understanding the Biblical importance of Israel can enhance the way we see God and make our worship to Him more informed and complete.

How to Build and Sustain Passionate AVL Tech Volunteers

David Cherry, 5 Words Media

Location: Durango 1

Every leader wants to have amazing teams around them. It can be very disheartening when you develop leaders that leave. In this session, we will discuss: Ways to recruit volunteers and build on-ramps, Creating environments where people want to be, Cultivating a community that learns together, How to develop volunteers into leaders, and Fostering an atmosphere of celebration.

In-Ear Monitoring

Doug Gould, Worship MD

Location: Fiesta 3/4

There are many advantages not only for the musician but for the congregation as well. We’ll talk about as many of those as we have time for including tips and techniques to achieve better results. Discuss differences between custom and universal; various devices to hear your mix and how to make changes to your mix: wireless, headphone amps, monitor mix apps on iPhone and android, personal monitor mixers; cost; accessories like shakers; stereo vs. mono; applying effects; clicks and tracks; amp simulators and more.

Kids Praise! How to Empower Kids to Lead Worship

Lindsay Scherb & Jason McLeod, Maryland Community Church

Location: Coronado M/N

Building a worship culture through kids will dynamically change the worship culture of your church. Jason and Lindsay will provide you with the practical tools and ideas you need to enhance your own kids worship ministry. Topics include: scheduling weekend services, resources, rehearsal ideas, and keeping your worship current.

Leading When You’re Not In Charge

Matt Goss

Location: Monterey 2/3

Leading is hard work, and can feel daunting at times. Especially when you feel like you’re gifts aren't being fully utilized, your ideas aren't being heard, and you don’t feel valued by those who’ve been placed in leadership positions over you. So what does it look like to lead well in these situations? I believe that it’s possible to push past these leadership barriers and experience fulfilling , impactful ministry, even when you don’t have the final say.

Listening Panels

Aaron Rice

Location: Acapulco

Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest worship song and allow songwriters, industry artists, and major publishers the opportunity to listen, review, and critique your work. Please bring your song on a jump drive, with three paper copies of the lyrics.

Principles of Worship & Style: What is Your Context?

Dr. Sam Green, Trevecca Nazarene University

Location: Durango 2

Each church has its own culture and context, regardless of denominational affiliation or non-denominational umbrella they are under. This session will allow attendees to explore the context of their local congregation in an effort to determine how the worship style flows from the church’s context rather than determining the context.

The 3 part Magic Bullet for Your Voice

Sheri Gould

Location: Fiesta 7/8

Discover how to employ three of the most powerful vocal tools you’ll ever use to get the most out of your voice. With these techniques you can get the power, tone and range you’ve always wanted.

The Worshiper's Prayer Life: How the Model Prayer Can Shape Your Team’s Heart for Worship

Dwayne Moore, Next Level Worship

Location: Baja

Dwayne’s books and teachings have helped thousands around the world to grow in worship and worship leadership. Based on Dwayne's new devotional study by the same name, The Worshiper's Prayer Life workshop can help you and your team experience deeper, personal communion with God and more flowing and expressive times of corporate praise. Come see why Dwayne's new book has been called a "breakthrough study on prayer!"

Writing, Creating and Social Media for the Church in 2021

Hosanna Wong

Location: Monterey 1

Hosanna will share ways you can build your social media platforms to reach more people for Christ. From writing spoken word poetry for local churches, to preaching at local churches, to helping churches and new voices reach people digitally, she would like to share strategies she's used and what she's learned along the way.