Session 3 - Workshops

Wednesday: 3:00pm - 4:00pm

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  • Y’all Come Back! - The Value of 1st Impressions on Worship Guests

    Jason Brooks


    Explore the best practices (and what to avoid) that make positive impressions on guests to your church’s worship gatherings. We’ll also discuss how to effectively navigate hospitality ministry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Arranging For Your Worship Team

    DeAundrae Clayton


    Arranging for your worship team is simply reworking the song so it can be played and sung by the instruments and voices on your team and in your congregation. DeAundrae will challenge both vocalist and instrumentalist, will provide tips to elevate songs or to make them attainable, and will explore a variety of song genres and styles.

  • Listening Panel

    Aaron Rice


    Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice, will be leading these listening panels. Bring your latest  song and have the opportunity to have it listened to, reviewed, and critiqued to help you grow as a song writer.. Please bring your song on a jump drive as well as on another device (no cd's), with three paper copies of the lyrics. Sign-Ups will be available starting Tuesday after registration.  You can only sign up for one slot during the week.  Space is limited.

  • Starting Over from Ground Zero: Building Teams in a New Ministry

    Michael Moore


    Sometimes God leads us to accept a call to service in a new exciting! But that excitement and joy can also include some fear and challenges, especially if there isn’t much in place in the areas of music, worship arts, or media ministry. In this session we’ll explore this issue and share some tips to help get that new ministry growing!

  • Collaborative Planning

    Matt Goss


    Collaborative team planning is not for the faint of heart. Getting creative minds to agree on a direction, system, and plan is tough work, but it can be done. This session will explore how collaboration and teamwork can take your gatherings to new places creatively, and create a sense of “buy in & ownership” on our teams. We will discuss “ground rules for collaborative planning”, “value systems that drive creativity”, and “how to help the best idea win”.

  • Leading Worship When They're Not in the Room

    Dwayne Moore - Next Level Worship


    Online worship has been catapulted to the forefront of our worship ministries, so we need to know how to best lead others in worship online. In this session... discover effective ways your team can improve their presentation online, hear practical tips and best-practices on audio and video enhancements, and learn how to better engage and impact your online audience.

  • Lighting for Streaming

    Andrew Davis -  LMG

    OSCEOLA 1/2

    As churches start to meet in person again, the need for a quality streaming remains. Let’s discuss practical ways to ensure our lighting systems are maximized for this new online lens.

  • Stop Wasting Time: How To Execute The Best Creative Meeting of Your Life - (Schedule Change)

    Stephen Brewster

    OSCEOLA 3/4

    Are your creative meetings the same 3-4 people sitting in a room hoping that Google will inspire your innovation? If so, there is a better way. What if you could have the best ideas that make the most sense to your pastor and your community? Stephen will walk you through the 4 steps it takes to execute a creative meeting that is fun, exciting, AND useful. This is a process that has been executed at churches big and small with results. Join us and never “brainstorm” the same again.

  • 5 Note Major Scale: Everything You Need To Play Lead

    Caitlin Caggiano


    Understand how to play lead lines with 5 notes. Learn how to utilize multiple strings to thicken your sound while playing lead. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue their learning on this topic.

  • Using Ableton Live for Keys

    Will Doggett - From Studio to Stage


    Want to improve your keys sounds? You should be using a Virtual Keys rig. Want to do it in the most stable, flexible way? Then you should be using Ableton Live! In this class, Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett will show you why you should be using Ableton Live for your keys rig and how using the same platform you use for tracks will save you time and give you freedom. Learn how to use External gear, plug-ins and built-in sounds in Ableton Live. Learn how to create a simple, stable keys setup, and how to pre-program your patch changes using Live. Focus less on fiddling with your computer, and spend more time leading worship.

  • Worship Leader Probs Podcast Live Recording

    Worship Leader Probs

    SUN C

    Join Mr. Probs: Brian Tabor and Jeremy Van Valkenburg, for a LIVE recording of the popular Worship Leader Probs Podcast. The boys will share “prayer concerns” (a crowd favorite of the podcast), reveal some upcoming resources, and spend most of the time taking your ministry questions. It is rare to get a Lead Pastor, Worship Pastor and Production Pastor together in a live Q & A setting. Come with your questions - any questions - about navigating ministry and life. We guarantee that you will laugh and learn with this team!

  • Body, Mind, and Soul!: A Discussion on Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health

    Dr. Stephen Müller - Liberty University

    SUN 5/6

    All you have to do is lead four songs every Sunday. Worship leading is an easy job, right? (insert grunts and shoulder shrugs) We’re in the people business. It’s tough, it’s tiring, and it’s…an honor! We’re called to shepherd those in our ministry and congregation. In recent days, we’ve witnessed many tragedies in the lives of high-profile church leaders. How should we address these tragic events? How do we check-up on the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our staff, volunteers, and ourselves? Join Dr. Stephen Müller, Interim Residential Dean in the Liberty University School of Music, as we look to Jesus – the Good Shepherd of our Body, Mind, and Soul!

  • Special Event Production

    Andrew Sullivan - Morris Light & Sound


    Whether it be a few extra moving lights for Christmas, an outdoor service, or Easter in an arena, special events require great planning and execution to ensure success. Come get creative ideas and advice to make your next event the best it can be.

  • The Great Worship Plot

    Dr. Dan Boone - Trevecca Nazarene University


    Dr. Dan Boone is the president of Trevecca University in Nashville, TN. A gifted and engaging author, conference speaker, teacher and preacher, Dr. Boone deals with the dynamic partnership between a pastor with Holy Spirit inspired vision and a worship leader equally passionate to build a thriving worship ministry. His winsome and gentle spirit provide Dr. Boone opportunity to deal with some difficult issues facing 21st century worship leaders with grace, insight and courage. You will not want to miss this incredible workshop. And, as an added benefit, a complimentary copy of Dr. Boone's best-selling book, The Worship Plot, will be given to each attendee.