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Thursday @ 1:45pm


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1 Platform - Reach>Disciple>Engage>Manage

Jeremy Morgan, Subsplash

Location: Coronado P/Q

Consolidate your church technology into one solution.  Reach more, communicate more effectively, manage church members and make giving easy.

5 Note Major Scale: Everything You Need to Play Lead

Caitlin Caggiano

Location: Yucatan 2/3

Understand how to play lead lines with 5 notes. Learn how to utilize multiple strings to thicken your sound while playing lead. Each attendee of the workshop will receive a card with a link to videos to continue their learning on this topic.

Band Leadership - Assessing Your Worship Teams' Skills & Giving Them Tools for Growth & Success

Vertical Worship

Location: Monterey 1

In this workshop members of Vertical Worship will talk about basic building blocks of worship music and how to take your Sunday morning worship teams to the next level.

Be Our Guest: The Value of Positive First Impressions on Worship Guests

Jason Brooks

Location: Coronado D/E

Explore the best practices (and what to avoid) that make lasting impressions on guests to your church's worship gatherings. Topics will include biblical foundations, practical hospitality tips, volunteer strategies, and open discussion.

Burned Out and Stressed Out (Men Only)

Ken Hartley

Location: Coronado R/S

This is a SAFE place to come together and talk about burnout, stress, and other personal issues. This seminar will not be recorded and what is said in the room, stays in the room.

Creativity in Music & Worship: Break Free of the Stems in Worship - Get Creative!

Dr. Richard Hickam

Location: Durango 2

Many churches are using stems in worship and that’s ok. But that’s just it, it’s ok. God created us to be creative. Don’t be afraid to try and expand the possibility of what could be. New Spirit-led music initiatives often begin as experiments or even modifying existing trends. Dr. Hickam will provide examples and resources to re-energize the music in your worship services. Ideas about creative vocals, instrumentation, and genres will be used. Richard has a doctorate in worship studies and a master’s degree in music education. He is the Music & Worship Pastor at WholeLife Church in Orlando and the Corporate Director for Music & the Arts at AdventHealth, a healthcare system with 50 hospitals in 11 states.

Expand Your Multimedia Presence Using Small Teams

Dan Willard, EasyWorship

Location: Baja

Learn how to use NDI, MIDI, and Worship Tracks with EasyWorship to create a bigger presence in your online and in-person service with a small tech team.

Let the Kids Lead: Equipping a New Generation of Worship Leaders

David Ray, Doorpost Songs

Location: Coronado M/N

What if the students in your church became the leaders of your worship ministry? From onstage worship leadership to hand motions, from tech teams to greeters, learn the simple ways you can help a new generation of worship leaders find an entry point into ministry, learn and grow in their craft, and make an eternal investment in their future.

Live Recording of the Worship Leader Probs Podcast

Worship Leader Probs

Location: Fiesta 3/4

Join Brian Tabor, Jen Smale and Scot Longyear for a LIVE recording of the popular Worship Leader Probs Podcast. We’ll share “prayer concerns” (a crowd favorite of the podcast), reveal some upcoming resources, and spend most of the time taking your ministry questions. It is rare to get a Lead Pastor and 2 Worship Leaders together in a live Q & A setting. Come with your questions - any questions - about navigating ministry and life. We guarantee that you will laugh and learn with this team!

The Music Director (MD) Role in Worship

Matt Goss & Johann Acuña

Location: Monterey 2/3

Have you felt the tension of keeping the band together and tight during times of worship? Are transitions choppy and rigid? Do you struggle with desiring to flow a bit more and add flexibility within your arrangements, but you’re not sure the band will be able to follow properly? The utilization of a music director (MD) can help take your worship experience to another level. We will be looking at various ways to utilize this role, and help set your teams up for success.

What Now? Leading Well at the Intersection of Exhaustion and Expectation


Location: Durango 1

Churches across the country are experiencing the joy and momentum of “regathering.” Yet, with this renewed sense of expectation comes the reality that for most of us, ministry never stopped. Join the conversation as we discuss the biggest questions and issues facing ministry leaders in the post-pandemic church today and together find a healthy way to lead through the intersection of exhaustion and expectation.

Writing With a Purpose: Songwriting for Yourself, Your Team, and Your Local Church

Aaron Rice

Location: Acapulco

Dove and Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer, Aaron Rice, will go over songwriting tips and insights for writing for these various purposes with a Q&A section.